Bag of Hammers consist of Davey Gravey and DJ Flyhead.

Davey and Flyhead met in High School in South Warren, Michigan.

They formed Bag of Hammers.

Davey and Flyhead (then known as Mr. Bozak and Hin-Min) set up a recording studio in Daveys Grandparent's basement called "Def Monkey".

Bag of Hammers recorded several demos, calling the final product "The Titti Demo."

Davey and Flyhead get into a fight and split up. Flyhead goes his own way.
Davey and several friends from school start a recording studio called "The Crack Shack" and Davey begins recording as a solo artist changing his rap name to Home-Les.

Flyhead joins the Air Force. Davey and Flyhead lose contact.

Flyhead, about to be discharged from the Air Force contacts Davey. Davey suggests they restart Bag of Hammers when Flyhead returns to South Warren.

Davey rents a 4-track and the newly reformed Bag of Hammers record "The Sample Rock" in Davey's Attic.

Bag of Hammers, while searching for a recording studio meet up with John Davies of the group Beaver Shoot. Bag of Hammers book time at John's studio "Super 8" and begin recording their first full album "Back Up, Junkie!"

John Davies lable PURE OBNO signs Bag of Hammers and plans to release "Back Up, Junkie!"

Bag of Hammers enlisted a DJ to play live shows.

After several delays, Davey asks for Bag of Hammers to be released from their contract. Plans are made to put out the record on Davey's lable IHS Records.

Bag of Hammers release "Back Up, Junkie!"

After playing only 2 shows, their live DJ goes to jail for 6 months. Bag of Hammers are unable to play live and promote their new album for this period.

Their DJ gets out of jail and Bag of Hammers play 3 more shows until more problems occur.

The Live DJ is fired from the band with Bag of Hammers becoming a duo once again.


Davey buys equipment and sets up a permanant studio in his attic.

Bag of Hammers record and release the EP "...when I ate your Brain". Two old songs were re-recorded with Flyhead as the DJ.

Bag of Hammers write, and record about 40 songs for the double album "Return of the Crack Whores". During this time, their former live DJ is let back in the band for 2 months. He is once again fired for poor performance.

Bag of Hammers release "Return of the Crack Whores". Flyhead designs the famous "Crack Whores" jumpsuits.

Bag of Hammers begin cutting themselves on stage. Davey starts spitting blood. Davey and Flyhead start doing wrestling moves on stage.

During this time, both members of Bag of Hammers suffer injuries. Concussions, cuts and bruised during live shows.

Bag of Hammers played the first WICKEDSTOCK at HARPO's in Detroit. They were the first group to perform and were introduced by Count Fetty of Murder Dog Magazine.

Bag of Hammers are Banned from performing at the all ages venue The Wired Frog in Roseville Michigan after performing the "BARBED WIRE DEATH RAP" show with 200 ft of Barbed Wire, Staplers, cheese graters and plastic forks.

Despite numerous death threats, Bag of Hammers are invited to perform at "Motor City Murder Fest", an event promoted by Happy Daze Hip Hop.

After the event, Bag of Hammers become regular performers at events playing shows all over Michigan. Bag of Hammers live up to their bad reputation of fighting with eachother and other people, heavy drinking and doing drugs at shows.

Bag of Hammers are set to release Flyheads solo album "Mouth full of Barbwire".
During a video shoot, Davey and Flyhead get in a fight. Flyhead breaks his hand and is unable to scratch.

Bag of Hammers decide to release Daveys solo album "Heaven is a Crack House".

HEAVEN IS A CRACK HOUSE is nominated for best Horrorcore album at The Detroit Rap awards, along with Bag of Hammers being nominated for "Best live show" and Flyhead for "Best DJ". Bag of Hammers lost all catagories due to a political situation.

On their way to the award show, Davey received a phone call from Mike E. Clark. Mike wanted to talk to Bag of Hammers about a future project.

Bag of Hammers release Flyheads "Mouth Full of Barb Wire" album along with their first official video for "If you were my Girlfriend".

During this time, Bag of Hammers met a kid named Stephan. Stephan had a horrorcore group and used to visit Flyhead at his work. Stephan and his group came to record their new record at Daveys studio but disbanded after 1 song.

Davey began working on Stephans solo project. Davey came up with the name "Stephan the Retard" for him and began producing all tracks for his releases.

Also, in exchange for Daveys production, Stephan took over duties for the Bag of Hammers website.

Bag of Hammers and Stephan the Retard form WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRECORDS retiring IHS RECORDS.

Davey and Flyhead began working on a project with Mike E. Clark called STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS. Although the project never came to fruition several things did come from it. One being the song "8" which Mike Clark contributed to the Bag of Hammers release "BRIDE OF THE AIDS BRAIN".

BRIDE OF THE AIDS BRAIN was released summer 2003 and featured collaberations from several of Bag of Hammers friends as well as New material.

Shawn from Dead by 28 tells Mike Clark about the problems between Davey and Flyhead and Bag of Hammers are dropped from Mike Clarks lable B4 Records. Mike begins work with Prozak on PROJECT DEADMAN.

Bag of Hammers ask Stephan to join the group renaming themselves Bag of Hammers:eXtreme.

Bag of Hammers:eXtreme release "Weed-n-Coffee". The album has a far darker edge than previous releases and shows the growing tention between Davey and Flyhead.

Mike E. Clark produces "The Babysitter" and "Picture Day" for the album.

During this time Bag of Hammers release a Stephan the Retard solo album and a EP from the supergroup called THE DRACULAS featuring Davey, Flyhead, Stephan and Chris from DEAD BY 28.

Bag of Hammers:eXtreme began touring outside of Michigan playing shows throughout the Mid-West and West Coast as well as Canada.

The year started with an EP release from THE DRACULAS called "A Night with the Draculas" as well as another album from Stephan the Retard.

Bag of Hammers:eXtreme released their final rap album in September of that year with "The Mutilation Station".

At the Start of the year Bag of Hammers:eXtreme began work on a new record called "BUTT ICE CREAM". After weeks of fighting and complete disinterest from Flyhead a decision was made. Davey had already began work on a solo rock album and showed it to the band. Bag of Hammers decided to stop doing rap music and try rock.

This decision came with consequences. Stephan for instance, had no musical ability and wasn't able to play many of the keyboard parts Davey wrote.

Flyhead was also having difficulty switching from DJ to Bass player.

Davey wrote practically all of the 30+ songs from the sessions.

During this time Bag of Hammers finished up their obligations as a rap group with several note-worthy incidents.

Bag of Hammers:eXtreme incited a riot at a club in Southgate Michigan after being boo'd by Juggalos.

Also, Bag of Hammers played the "Legends of Detroit" festival in Phoenix Arizonia co-headlining with ESHAM.

In fall 2006 Davey and Maggie Moon began publishing a controversial zine called "i Before E except after C". The zine begins giving free subscriptions to readers who send them smashed Insane Clown Posse CDs.

Davey and Maggie recruit Flyhead and MILKY (Random Acts of Stupidity) for iB4e TV, a sketch comedy show with Jackass inspired stunts.

Davey produced a track for the ESHAM album MARTYR SITY called "Here comes the Antichrist".

ESHAM, in exchange rapped on the song "Don't I know you from someplace" which would appear on their album "TUFF LOVE".

The Bag of Hammers finally released their debut as a rock band, "TUFF LOVE" in fall. They played only one show which oddly enough was their record release.

In December of that year, tentions between Davey, Flyhead and Stephan finally hit their boiling point. Stephan was fired from the band. Stephan abruptly moved out of state, keeping in touch with only Flyhead.

Davey and Flyhead recruited a drummer and re-recorded several songs from "TUFF LOVE". The project was called "R-DICK-U-Las" and would be the last release from Bag of Hammers.

The Bag of Hammers began playing shows in Metro Detroit throughout 2008 and releasing "R-DICK-U-Las" as a free downloadable album.

In December of 2008, Davey and Flyhead fired their drummer and decided to put the Bag of Hammers name to rest.

Davey called drummer Tim Smith aka 2Phat and asked him about joining a new band with Davey and Flyhead.

Davey wrote 3 songs for the new band and recorded them in his studio. After hearing the demos, Flyhead quit the then unnamed project by text message and retired from music.

After months of internal fighting it was decided that Davey would take over the Bag of Hammers catalog.

Davey and Tim continued as a 2 piece with Davey taking up Bass and Guitar as well as vocals and song writing.

Davey picked the name DIGGING THE GRAVE.

Work on the album continued throughout 2009.

Davey forms the rap group BRIDGE CARD with Maggie of iB4e TV. They record the album "Books are Heavy" at Daveys new studio CRESENT FRESH. The album is released on Davey and Maggies lable iB4e Records in October 2010.

After months of no progress from Tim on the DIGGING THE GRAVE Project, Davey decides to go his own way taking up the drums on the record as well.

Davey releases the album "DIGITAL FALL" from DIGGING THE GRAVE. The album ends up being Daveys solo album.

Davey and Maggie, as BRIDGE CARD release the "Blood Sugar Dave Magic"EP with the group showing a darker edge.


BRIDGE CARD release the double album "Captain Barnacle and the Amazing Squid-tacular." The project features an array of styles from classic hip hop to German industrial to Punk to Goth. This project also marks the first full album with Davey Gravey as DJ.

The Bag of Hammers Restoration Project
Davey Gravey has began transfering the original DAT tapes from the Bag of Hammers library. The whole catalog will be digitally remastered from the original
tapes for a planned re-release. Plans for the complete project include the release of rarity album "The Secret Friend Society Volume 3" featuring previously unreleased songs, demos, alternate mixes and other goodies. The project will conclude in 2016 with the release of the abandoned Bag of Hammers album "Butt Ice Cream" and the DVD documentary "The Self Destruction of Bag of Hammers" which will feature interviews, tour footage and live performances.