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Bag of Hammers News
Also, Davey's solo record from 1998 recorded under the name King Home-Les titled "Lost Sun Disciple" is available. The album features the restored original versions of the songs before the tapes were damaged during the first pressing in 1998.
Davey Gravey News
by Wendy the Lesbian Panda
By Wendy the Lesbian Panda

Some people doubted that it ever would happen.
Those same people got egg on their face because guess what just arrived?
The Bag of Hammers Box Set!!!

All albums have been digitally remastered from the original tapes and files.

But thats not all....The First Saturday of the Month booklet was put together by Davey Gravey himself with never before seen photos and stories about the recording, touring and everyday life and operation of Bag of Hammers.

A limited number of box sets are being created and once they are gone, thats it. Never again.

* Also included is a Limited Edition Back Up, Junkie! Collectors Cassette which was originally intended for release on I.H.S. Records but was cancelled due to budget restraints.
The track listing is as close to the original "Titti Demo" as possible and commerates the very first full Bag of Hammers album.

* Additionally with the Back Up, Junkie album is a companion disc with the extra songs from the sessions. Some of them ended up on the second original pressing of Back Up, Junkie! Some were B-Sides and only released on cassette singles. Some just didn't belong on the record.

* The Back Up, Junkie! T-Shirt features the classic Davey and Flyhead pose from the album poster. The shirt was originally intended for the 1999 tour but had to be cancelled due to going so far over budget with recording and graphic design. (Graphic to the Right)

*As you may or may not know "Butt Ice Cream" was the abandoned Bag of Hammers album
circa 2006. It is presented in its unfinished form for the first and last time
and it is only available in the Box Set.

*Shipping begins in waves and starts when the Back Up, Junkie! Cassettes arrive.
They are being manufactured in Canada and truth be told, are what is taking so long.

Here it is! Get it while you can.
Bag of Hammers :The First Saturday of the Month Box Set
We greatly appreciate your paitence. We are proud to announce the release of the first of the remasters taking you all the way back to 1997. The Sample Rock Remaster was digitally restored from the original master tapes.
Bridge Card have released their remix EP Penny Fart Machine. The record features tracks from DJ Kid Gray$kull (Davey Gravey), David Wyatt and The Arkatek. It's quite dope and just like everything's FREE. Download it today!

Also, if you haven't already, check out the latest super fresh video from Bridge Card for the song "Ghost Baby" from their album Bass is the Name of the Fish.